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Programming Augmented Reality with Windows Phone

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Programming Augmented Reality with Windows Phone

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AT&T is hosting an interesting new webcast on Thursday 14th June on the back of the launch of the new Nokia Lumia 900 series phones and promises to be an exciting introduction into the world of Augmented Reality.

The webcast will cover:

    Basics of AR – What is AR?
    Highlight some of the key free frameworks for getting started with AR
    Code demo walkthrough in Silverlight to recognise AR video markers
    Code demo walkthrough in SilverXNA to display proportional 3D elements into a video stream

This is definitely a beginners to AR session and well worth a look.

Programming Augmented Reality with Windows Phone with AT&T – Thursday 14th June

The whole world of AR fascinates me and although this session does focus on the video elements of AR in the demos there is always so much more to be driven from AR, such as:

    Using the device location to alter gameplay, e.g. If your doing a quiz app and through a bing search find there are parks nearby to the player then ask more wildlife questions (or questions about the area)

    Include audio recognition to get the user to interact with the microphone

    Combine the video / position and rotation of the device to place 3D elements relative to the real world – the best example I've seen of this is where a new hospital design was projected over the greenfield site and the users could walk through the ground floor of the site and see what it would look like finished.

Hopefully by the end you can start thinking above and beyond just what’s in your hand when building your apps / games and with the upcoming release of Windows 8 and the new device platforms it brings then the possibilities are endless Open-mouthed smile


If you haven’t guessed yet, the speaker is someone I know fairly well Smile with tongue out


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