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Programming Language and Importance of C

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Programming Language and Importance of C

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Nowadays we are much rely on technology and computer. Computer is use in almost every sector like IT, Banking, Medical, Defense and from daily life to professional life. This multipurpose device perform lots of task with accuracy within a short of time. Programming languages are designed to run this device by making operating system and other programs. C is one of the language using which operating systems are developed. This language is designed and developed by a man named Dennis Ritchie at AT&T Bell labs of USA in 1972. Since then it become one of the most widely used programming language.

Programming and development is an interesting field but you need to clear your basic concepts and logics. After then developing application and software will boost up your confidence and practical knowledge. In case of IT you have to keep on update on regular basis as we know that technology is changing or updating after every few days. We can clear our basics from learning C language because it is the fundamental technology and all other languages are the enhance version of C.

Initially, C language was used for developing system programs particularly the programs which make-up operating system. This is the best language for developing system software. For example, we write C code to make device driver as C is close to computer hardware architecture. Many languages come after C but none can replace it because what C can do they can’t. Each and every language has its features and advantages. C is preferable language because it is easy to learn, portable, function rich libraries, compilation speed etc. As C is portable, we can compile and run C program on any system.

On the other hand, C does not support object oriented programming (OOPs) and has no runtime checking mechanism. Also there is no concept of exception handling and strict type checking.

C language includes important topics like Data Types, Variables, Storage Classes, Constants, Operators, Decision Making, Loops, Functions, Array, String, Structure, Union, Memory Management, Pre processor.

C program code contains functions and variables where function is a block of code which has specific task. Functions could be inbuilt or user defined. Loops are used to repeat a block of code. We have for, while and do while loops in C.

In C programming if we want the program to execute sequentially, we want the set of instructions to be executed at once time and entirely set of instructions to be executed in another situations. In this type of situation we use the decision control structure.

An Array may define as the collection of elements of same data types in a contiguous memory location. Array is the most convenient way of storing data that can be accessed in an unpredictable fashion. Whereas in case of Structure we can store multiple element of different data types under the same name.

In C, Pointer is a variable that points to or references a memory location in which data is stored. Each memory cell in the computer has an address that can be used to access that location so a pointer variable points to a memory location we can access and change the contents of this memory location via the pointer.

To sum up, C is a great programming language. In fact, C is one language which will never go out of fashion though at times demand may be low.  Someone with strong skill in C can get job easily and can transform their ideas into innovations. Creating applications and programs build confidence and help to achieve expertise.

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