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Why Programming Makes Writers Better

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Why Programming Makes Writers Better

Livio Bolzon believes that coding can make you a better writer because you're more detail-oriented. Read on to learn more.

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The idea that coding and writing are interconnected seems a bit exaggerated if considered at face value. To find the connection, think about the attention needed to relay information to a computer system which we have created so as to interact with other people in a certain way. A writer, on the other hand, must think about the desired reaction of their audience before they come up with any written material.

Let's analyze the thought process of a programmer to better understand the writer; a successful programmer must write code that is precise, descriptive and concise. It must also be properly organized and sequenced considering there are many different ways of structuring it. The most important aspect is that it must be free of any grammatical errors. With this basic connection already established, coding is good for writing in the following ways.


An error in a code could lead to a non-responsive app or a crashed server, and the error could be as minor as the wrong positioning of a comma. Such high stakes make programmers more keen to details than the average person. If this level of attentiveness is applied to writing, then you do not expect content to contain any mistake, large or small.

Thought Organization

A programmer must first think of the outcome of what they want to create before beginning the process. Effective programming is easily achieved when the program is divided into chunks that can then be worked on in sections. These subcodes must be brought together in a way that not only makes sense but also serves the intended end. If this organizational planning is applied to writing, it would mean that the resulting content flows well and is purposeful.


There is no room for programmers to beat around the bush or use filler code lines just to look like they have created something. While this is entirely possible, it is a waste of time because meaningless code does not give any results. Getting used to writing code that is approximate and direct is an important component of writing. The reader wants to engage in content that makes sense and at the same time speaks directly to them.


The fact that a code is used to make certain tasks easier to do means that the original task is complex to carry out. A programmer, depending on their level of exposure or skill, might be able to write complex code which is good provided that it works. The problem is that this code may not be easily understood by other coders. Sensitivity in coding takes the form comments to explain the what, why, and how of code. This mentality, when used in writing, is the basis for easy-to-understand content.

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