Progressive Delivery: Lessons Learned in the Wild [Webinar Sign-up]

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Progressive Delivery: Lessons Learned in the Wild [Webinar Sign-up]

Learn how to make progressive delivery work for you. See the patterns and anti-patterns on how to move from an MVP process to a more robust progressive delivery implementation.

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It’s one thing to know the definition of something new, like Progressive Delivery.  It’s quite another to know how to pull it off effectively. This webinar follows the recent publication of the DZone Refcard, “Progressive Delivery Patterns and Anti-Patterns: Faster, Safer, Data-Driven Releases” with specific guidance about how to get the fullest benefit from implementing Progressive Delivery in your environment.

As it turns out, how you roll matters and you can build on the lessons of pioneers in the space. Join us as we review the origin of Progressive Delivery, compare different patterns, and drill into the lessons learned by early adopters as they went from MVP to robust Progressive Delivery capabilities. The good news is that because of them, you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. All you need is a clear vision of what’s possible and access to implement these patterns in your own shop. Join us as we demystify Progressive Delivery implementation. 

Can’t join us live? Register anyway and we will send you the on-demand recording to view at your own convenience.

  • Hosted by DZone and presented by: 
    • Dave Karow, CD Evangelist at Split Software
  • Date: April 29, 2020 at 01:00pm EST
  • URL: https://bit.ly/2yaQWTM
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