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Project Team at NetBeans User Group Serbia

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After the last NetBeans Platform training at the Faculty of Organisational Sciences in Belgrade, Serbia, the NetBeans User Group Serbia formed a development team that will work on NetBeans Platform related projects.

A group of students who participated the training (13 out of 25) signed up to join the team and on Wednesday 7.14.11, the project team had a first meeting at the Faculty of Organisational Sciences.


The team will work on following open source projects:

 1. Neuroph Studio, a neural network development tool on the NetBeans Platform. The team will create new features for image recognition and advanced visual neural network editor based on the Visual Library.

 2. Eidos Project, the community-driven NetBeans UML Plugin. The team will work on development of the UML visual editor, which is also based on Visual Library.

Both  projects include creating specialized visual editors on top of the Visual Library and our goal is to train the team in creating advanced visual editors. This may open opportunities to offer this expertise to other projects too.




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