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Project Vector: The Ultimate App Store?

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Project Vector: The Ultimate App Store?

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"I love writing authentication and authorization code." ~ No Developer Ever. Try Okta Instead.

In his latest blog post, Jonathan Schwartz talks about a new app store for Java codenamed Project Vector. By the time it's released it will likely be called Java Store. It seems that it will be implemented through the Java Update mechanism, the same was that you were able to get Google Toolbar along with Java updates.

How will it work? Candidate applications will be submitted via a simple web site, evaluated by Sun for safety and content, then presented under free or fee terms to the broad Java audience via our update mechanism. Over time, developers will bid for position on our storefront, and the relationships won't be exclusive (as they have been for search). As with other app stores, Sun will charge for distribution - but unlike other app stores, whose audiences are tiny, measured in the millions or tens of millions, ours will have what we estimate to be approximately a billion users. That's clearly a lot of traffic, and will position the Java App Store as having just about the world's largest audience. 

The full announcement will be made at JavaOne, where we'll get more details. This is smart thinking from Sun - it gives all companies, especially startups, a large user base to promote their applications. And of course, it creates some revenue for Sun. I've always thought that it would help JavaFX if it had it's own app store - this seems to go one step further, including non-Java applications. Would you be tempted to make your application available through these channels?


Aside, Schwartz mentions that he can't discuss anything about the Oracle acquisition, but does link to the preliminary merger statement.

"I love writing authentication and authorization code." ~ No Developer Ever. Try Okta Instead.


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