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"As a .Net Developer who´s working with Visual Studio, we all love NuGet. If you don't know what NuGet is, i encourage you to check it out... its awesome.

Some months ago i introduced a NuGet Package Wizard on Codeplex. But i think it was not that much easier to create a new package using the Wizard than using the NuGet Package Explorer.
So i decided to focus on one particular part of the wizard and create a new approach.

The Problem, that we all have, is time. I would love to write a longer blog post, spend more time on this project and releasing it on github or codeplex.
But I'm using this tool now for a few weeks and its works fine. So i will do this if YOU like it ;)

What is it?
Project2NuGet is a Visual Studio 2010 Add-In as well as a Console Application that makes it possible to configure, build, copy and (not yet) publish your package with 2 clicks or a few keystrokes.
It gives you the possibilities to define your package once and build it any time you want with ease.


Of course, this was just a simple sample. In our company we have multiple Assemblies, Tests und Test Applications. With Project2NuGet I´m able to create a Test application with all dependencies, content, and deliver this “kind of project template” to my employees. I also can provide updates and the others can update their project.




This looks like a cool means for creating, building and maintaining NuGet Packages. Looks like something that might work well for inside the firewall NuGet usage, etc.


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