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Promote Your Favorite OSS Project [Discussion]

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Promote Your Favorite OSS Project [Discussion]

Looking for help with an open source project, or just want to advertise for it? Leave a comment below.

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Are you a maintainer of an open source project that needs help? Do you work on a project that you want to share with the world? Have you been tinkering on GitHub but need some fellow dev support to really get your work off the ground? Or do you know of a hidden gem that will make other devs' lives easier?

Here's your chance to advertise!

If you're recruiting for an OSS project, leave a comment with a link to it and a brief summary of what it is and what kind of work you need. With any luck, you'll have a volunteer or three in no time.

Otherwise, if you just know of a project that the world should hear about, you can do just that, too.

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