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Promoting Your Business Online with Yellow Pages Sites

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Promoting Your Business Online with Yellow Pages Sites

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The Yellow Pages have always been a popular way to promote one's business. Nearly every household in the country would receive a free copy of the well-known yellow business directory. In the last couple of years, the popularity of paper editions of business directories has decreased a lot. But this doesn't mean that all publishers of business directories have gone out of business. Rather, they have changed the way they conduct their operations, from publishing paper directories, to having an online directory that is available to anyone with an Internet connection.

Advantages of Using Online Yellow Pages Sites Over Paper Directories
Using an online version of the Yellow Pages offers business owners numerous advantages that wouldn't be possible with a paper directory. Here are some of them:

Listings can be updated at any time
With a paper directory, you will need to send in your listing or ad copy before a specified time each year so that it appears in next year's directory. The problem with this approach is that you can't make any changes to your ad during the year. Therefore, if your location, contact number, or hours of operation change, the information contained in your ad will be out of date. With an online directory, this problem is nonexistent, as your ads can be updated whenever needed.

More affordable
There are numerous online Yellow Pages directory sites and their pricing structures vary. Some require you to pay for a listing, some are completely free, while others operate on a mixed model, where a basic listing is free, but additional features, such as including more than one picture in your listing, or having a border that draws attention to your ad, require a certain fee.

Even the paid sites are often more affordable than what inclusion in a paper directory would previously cost. This means that you can better compete with larger businesses that may have a much bigger budget for advertising. You will no longer be limited to just a tiny ad while your main competitor takes a full page.

Available anywhere at any time
While many people would have a Yellow Pages directory at home, nobody wants to take a huge book like that on the road with them. By listing your business in an online version of the Yellow Pages, you will ensure that you can be found by individuals that are visiting another city, traveling through an area, or simply staying in a different part of town temporarily.

Now that the majority of consumers own a smartphone, they can simply do a search for your business on their mobile device if they are interested in a service that you offer. For example, someone that is interested in ordering food can make a search through a Yellow Pages app on their smartphone to find which restaurants deliver in their area.

Benefits Unique for Business Owners
Business owners can get many benefits if they promote their company through an online Yellow Pages directory, such as:

More website traffic
An online directory allows you to include a link to your website. Therefore, if someone is interested in finding out more about what your business offers, they can simply follow the link and go to your site for more details.

This gives you a unique source of high-quality traffic for your business website. Remember that few people browse a Yellow Pages site just because they're bored and want entertainment. Those who look through a business directory are usually in need of a product or service and they are either ready to buy right away, or are looking to compare offerings from a few businesses in their area.

Help with your SEO efforts
Search engines like Google use complex algorithms to determine how high a website will rank in search results for keywords that relate to it. Any SEO professional will tell you that one of the most important factors that search engines consider is the quantity and quality of links to your website on other online resources.

Yellow Pages sites are well respected by search engines, as they provide quality content and useful information to their visitors. Therefore, any link that you get from such an online resource will help boost your search engine rankings, which can lead to even more visitors to your site.


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