Prototype of Wireless Remote Controller With NXP Kinetis K20

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Prototype of Wireless Remote Controller With NXP Kinetis K20

See a new prototype remote set to be used to control Zumo Robots. Get a look at the parts that make it work.

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For next semester, I plan to use the tinyK20 as a remote controller for the Zumo Robots. I already had an early prototype presented in "3D Printed Gameboy and Remote Controller with tinyK20 Board," so here is the next iteration of, in a sneak preview:

Remote Controller Prototype

Remote Controller Prototype

It fits into a blue transparent enclosure like this (the holes on the top for the LCD and joystick are not done yet):

tinyK20 remote controller with enclosure

TinyK20 as remote controller with enclosure

The prototype has the following features:

  • TinyK20 (NXP Kinetis K20, ARM Cortex-M4 running at 50 MHz with 128 KByte of FLASH), used both as main controller and as open source debug probe.
  • Nordic Semiconductor nRF24L01+ 2.4 GHz wireless transceiver.
  • 4-way plus middle button joystick.
  • Graphical LCD (Nokia 84×48 pixels).
  • USB rechargeable LiPo battery.
  • Two extra side push buttons.

The joystick is used to navigate through the menus on the display, plus to drive around the robot.

As an option, I’m thinking about adding a Semtech LoRa (Long Range) 433 MHz radio module as an option. That way I would have a cool IoT device which can communicate several kilometers and the same time can be used as a data logger.

Thanks to Andreas for creating that first prototype and helping me creating this new tool for the next semester!

Happy prototyping!

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