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PrototypeHelper :with Helper

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PrototypeHelper :with Helper

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This method is for use in conjuction with the Ruby on Rails Module ActionView::Helpers::PrototypeHelper.

The options hash takes any number of key/value pairs the key becomes the name of the parameter passed in the with value and the value becomes a javascript expression

key — name of the parameter
value — a fragment of javascript that will be the value of the parameter

>> params_for_with(:clean_range => 'clean_range', :raw_range => 'raw_range', :total_count => 'total_count')
=> 'total_count=' + total_count + '&' + 'clean_range=' + clean_range + '&' + 'raw_range=' + raw_range
Don‘t forget you won’t necessarily get the parameters out in the same order you put them in, such is the nature of hashes def params_for_with(options = {}) options.collect { |param_name, js_fragment| "'#{param_name}='+#{js_fragment}" }.join("+'&'+") # or this one #options.stringify_keys.collect { |param_name, js_fragment| '"' << param_name << '="+' << js_fragment }.join('+"&"+') end

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