Provide a REST Proxy Interface to a SOAP Web Service in Mule

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Provide a REST Proxy Interface to a SOAP Web Service in Mule

This tutorial will show you how to create a REST proxy interface for a SOAP web service in a Mule flow.

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Use Case: Expose ipLocationcwebservice as a REST XML-based web service
Call to an External Webservice–ipLocation.

Use this wsdl file (http://ws.cdyne.com/ip2geo/ip2geo.asmx?wsdl).

Objective: Provide a Rest proxy interface to a SOAP web service.

1.  Create a new project:

File > New > Mule Project

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Enter the "Project Name" and click "Finish".

2. Drag and Drop the "HTTP Connector" to canvas from right and create a "Connector Configuration".

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2.1. Click on the Green + sign shown in above picture and enter the configuration values (Host, Port).

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3. Drag and Drop "Variable" in the current flow.       

3.1. Enter the XPATH  expression in the value field of the Variable property.

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4. Drag and Drop "Transform Message" transformer to the flow to map the variable value to the 3rd-party service’s input.

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5.  Drag and Drop the "web service consumer" Connector to the flow to consume the 3rd-party service.

6.  Click on the Green + icon shown in the above picture and enter the value of the WSDl location you are using from the 3rd-party and select other parameters accordingly (Service, Port, Address).

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7. Save and Run the project.

8. Final Flow:

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