Providing Mongodb User Granular Access to User Cluster

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Providing Mongodb User Granular Access to User Cluster

When a MongoDB installation becomes a sharded install, it may be difficult. Check out how to provide inprog permissions, which makes for a secure environment.

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Unlike a single instance MongoDB setup or even a ReplicaSet one, when it gets to a sharded installation, things may get tougher.

For example, if you gave a user a reading permissions to use MongoChef (a most recommended MongoDB client), when it comes to a clustered installation, in order to avoid the "not authorized to run inprog" error when running db.currentOp(), you should provide the user with some more permissions (in this case the inprog permissions).

Actually, it is pretty simple, but it is also a good example for a secured environment management:

Providing inprog Permissions

1. Get to the admin database
use admin; 
2. Authorize as a permitted user
3. Create a new role that will have permissions to manage the processes
role: "manageOpRole", 
privileges: [ 
resource: { cluster: true }, 
actions: [ "killop", "inprog" ] 
resource: { db: "", collection: "" }, 
actions: [ "killCursors" ] 
roles: [] 
4. Provide the permissions to the user:
      { role: "manageOpRole", db: "admin" }
5. Authenticate as the reading user
6. Verify things actually work! (or doing the definition of done);
Bottom Line: Simple, tested and secured like we always love our environments!

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