Provision a Free AWS EC2 Instance in 5 Minutes

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Provision a Free AWS EC2 Instance in 5 Minutes

This quick guide will walk you through the steps of configuring and provisioning a new free-tier AWS EC2 instance in a matter of minutes.

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In this post, we will discuss how to provision new AWS EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) instance in five minutes.

Step 1: Sign into the AWS console by entering your credentials.

Step 2: Select the EC2 option available in the services tab. There are several other options available in the services tab but for now, we will concentrate on launching an Amazon EC2 instance.

Step 3: Once it is selected, you can select Launch Instance under Create Instance on your screen.

Step 4: Once Launch Instance is selected, you will be asked series of questions. The first question is to choose an Amazon Machine Image (AMI). It is actually a type of operating system you want to provision. Pricing details about AWS instance available in EC2 Instance Pricing.

Here, we are going to provision a free tier instance. In the above image, select the instance tagged with "Free Tier Eligible". You can select any flavor of OS.

Step 5: Once Amazon Machine Image selected, you will be asked to choose an Instance Type. Here, we will choose the t2.micro instance because a micro instance is eligible for the free tier. You can select any type of instance based on your need.

Step 6: After choosing an Instance Type, we will be given the option to configure our instance, however we can skip it by selecting the Review and Launch option. Now we will discuss configuring EC2 instance details.

In the Configure Instance tab, you can increase the number of instances and configure monitoring details for your instance.

Step 7: You can add some more storage to your instance in the next step. For now, I will leave it to default.

Step 8: If you want, you can add tags in step 5. Step 6 is about Configuring the Security Group. Here you can configure ports which you want to expose to outside world.

Step 9: In the last step, You will be given the option to review your AWS EC2 instance details. Review it and select the launch button.

It will take few minutes to launch your instance. Once it is successfully launched, you will find the following option.

You have successfully launched your first AWS free instance! You can access your EC2 instance by right-clicking on the instance and by selecting Connect option. 

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