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Pulse Continuous Integration Server 2.0


Zutubi is excited to announce the release of Pulse 2.0! This release combines two huge new features: templated configuration and plugins, which we have deliberately added together to allow them to combine seamlessly. The new configuration system has a very visible impact, including a whole-new configuration UI, but more importantly makes extending Pulse much easier. This applies not just to us but all plugin authors: we've spent significant effort making the plugin system simple!

For those wanting more details on what's new, here goes:

  • Templated Configuration: this allows you to manage projects with similar configurations intuitively and avoid maintainance headaches (keep your config DRY).
  • New Configuration UI: a new, AJAX-powered interface which improves usability and responsiveness.
  • Plugins: a standards-based OSGi plugin system designed so that plugin authors never need to worry about boring details (configuration CRUD is handled automagically).
  • Fine-grained Security: use granular project, agent and server permissions to take full control of your installation.
  • Improved Reporting UI: both the dashboard and browse views have been overhauled to fit more information in less space.
  • Predictable URLs: Pulse web interface URLs are now human-readable and guessable, and allow easy linking to things like the latest successful build.
  • Flexible Build Hooks: you can now trigger hooks both pre- and post-build or manually as part of your custom workflow.
  • Integrated Help: the new configuration interface now has full help built-in - you need never RTFM again.
  • Configuration API: configuration still not simple enough for you? Now you can automate it using XML-RPC!
  • External Database Support: migrating to external databases is now supported with a simple wizard, and upgrades are easier.
  • Automatic Configuration Backups: out-of-the-box Pulse will take care of your configuration for you by backing it up daily.
  • Git Support: basic Git support has been added via a new plugin, to be extended soon.
  • Much more: literally dozens of smaller features and improvements that didn't make this list.

 As always, Pulse 2.0 is free to download and evaluate, and free forever for small teams and open source projects. Why not try it today, you can set it up in minutes!


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