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Puppet broke my Xen

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Puppet broke my Xen

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Actually it didn't , but now I got your attention. 
We just adopted the use of adding headers to all of our files that are managed by puppet so people will know not to touch it
    file {
    owner => "root",
    group => "root",
    mode => "0755",
    content => template(

All worked nice however upon bootstrapping our Xen host the bridges stopped working .. running the network-custom-vlan-bridges script manually solved everything and created the appropriate bridges. But at boottime it didn't..

I added some debug info to the script and figured it never got executed at boot time.

Turns out that when I removed the headers Xen actually does configure the bridges at boot time, Xen probably checks for a shebang at the beginning of the file.

Putting the header at the end of the file therefore solved the problem.

Source:  http://www.krisbuytaert.be/blog/puppet-broke-my-xen


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