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Puppet Labs Gets $8.5M to Achieve DevOps Dominance

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Today Puppet Labs revealed that it has received $8.5 million from Google Ventures, VMware, and Cisco—three companies that are dominating various facets of the tech industry.  With the unprecedented injection of $8.5M in Series C funding, Puppet Labs now has a total of $15.75 million in financing.

The news is definitely a win for open source and a vindication of the tools and ideas driving the DevOps movement right now.  Puppet Labs bases many of its services around its Puppet open source software for data center config management. This news is not a win for all in the DevOps world though.  Opscode, who backs the competitor to Puppet, Chef, may be in danger of playing second fiddle to Puppet down the line.

Becoming the de facto tool for a new breed of IT professionals seems to be the ultimate goal of Puppet Labs.  It's the only explanation for why Puppet Labs, a company of 60 employees currently, needs that kind of money.  Luke Kaines, the CEO of Puppet Labs, confirmed this 'win now' mentality at Puppet Labs saying that the company is looking to grow faster than they would organically.

Specifically, Kaines has said that they will focus on improving the data collection and analytics of Puppet, but they won't be starting a hosted model like Opscode currently has.

VMware, Google, and Cisco all use Puppet.

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