PuppetConf (Part 3): Running Puppet Sofware in Docker [Video]

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PuppetConf (Part 3): Running Puppet Sofware in Docker [Video]

Continuing to examine the roles that containers play in modern infrastructure, we dive into combining Docker containers with Puppet software.

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The way IT operations teams deploy and manage their infrastructure is constantly evolving. The latest developments in containers and container scheduling technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, and Mesos, especially, have gotten a lot of attention, and more and more people in IT and software development are adopting these solutions — and deploying infrastructure in the cloud — all the time.

Managing this modern infrastructure isn't a trivial task — and that's exactly what Puppet is here for. In this post, I am summarizing for you some of the excellent talks that were given at PuppetConf 2016 on container technologies and how Puppet fits into this new IT ecosystem. These talks — all captured on video — really are a must-watch if you are using these technologies, and even more so if you are thinking about adopting them.

If you want to start this video series from the beginning, take a look at why it's important to care about container management and the challenges with container configuration. With that out of the way, let's dive into how Puppet fits into modern software infrastructure.

Gareth Rushgrove, a senior software engineer at Puppet, gave a talk titled Running Puppet Software in Docker containers, in which he gives an excellent overview — with demos — of ways you can use Puppet to manage Docker. For example, running Puppet inside Docker containers; building Docker images with Puppet; inspecting container contents; and using Puppet to manage container-centric operating systems.

Puppet in Docker is a project in which we ship images to Docker Hub containing Puppet software such as Puppet Server, PuppetDB and Puppet agent. This allows you to run your Puppet infrastructure as a set of containers on top of a container-as-a-service platform. At PuppetConf 2016, we were very excited to announce the launch of the Puppet image_build tool. This allows you to build Docker images easily using your existing Puppet code. You can combine the image_build tool with the puppet-inventory module to make it easier to know what's running inside your containers.

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