Push Notification Tools for Mobile App Engagement

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Push Notification Tools for Mobile App Engagement

Push notifications are a great tool to boost engagement in your mobile app. These services provide unique benefits for push notifications.

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Push notifications were introduced as server-side push notifications. Primarily, these are employed to represent a message from a smartphone application to the smartphone device, unlike pull notifications, in which the customer has to demand a message from a server. In other words, we can say that push notifications started from a server. 

Furthermore, push notifications are one of the most efficient ways of encouraging higher mobile app engagement with your smartphone application. You can quickly alert users about new updates, news, and other useful knowledge that is important to your mobile application.

You might be surprised the fact that smartphone users who employ push notifications have 88% higher user engagement. Thus, we can say that push notifications perform a vital role in delivering enhanced user engagement and assist us in obtaining greater app retention rates.

But for this, you should have a clear understanding about push notifications tools as well. There are many push notifications tools available for better mobile app engagement. I have compiled a list of these top push notifications tools for better mobile app engagement so that you can get the maximum benefit from push notifications. Let's check one by one.


Mixpanel sends server-side push notifications through the push notification service. This toolkit registers the stories and actions that enable you to understand where you need to create more awareness.  Once you are set up, you'll be able to use the Mixpanel website to send push notifications to your customers as easily as you send simple messages, rather than scheduling, trailing page views notifications, targeted messages, and A/B schedule. 


PushBots is another compelling mobile app engagement tool that enables you to send messages to any mobile platform right from your dashboard. This serves to choose your target viewers based on their broadcasts, username, particular devices,  and geographic locations. Other features of PushBots including changing and retargeting push notifications and engagement operations. With this tool, you can execute operations like tracking, flash, real-time data review, retroactive funnel details, and so on.


Nudgespot enables you to perform automated push notifications triggered to particular portions that are completely based on buyers' actions. The main characteristics of Nudgespot including proactive user reports, customized notifications, and more. Subscriptions to this service start at $39 per month with 14 days free to test. Along with this, the tool assists you in recognizing the attention that users frequently give to their mobile applications.


The principal points of QuickBlox are customized scheduling, calling, and messaging tools.  It contributes tremendous varieties of push services such as news, alerts, programmed reception of additions, updates, warnings, notices, and calls to action. It offers numerous novel calls to action, regardless of whether the push notification was sent or not. Along with these, there is a free package available for the first 20,000 active regular customers.


Carnival is a top mobile app engagement platform that assists you in running multiple push notifications at one time. It supports marketing teams and companies in running push notification operations efficiently. We can say it is one of the most favored tools for loyalty apps, consumer businesses, and e-commerce apps for rich messaging and personalization.


Thus, push notifications are vital for better mobile app engagement. Choosing the best tool that fulfills all your desires is not an easy task. You have to compare all your demands and budget with each specific push notification tool and then choose one. In fact, if you recognize that your decision of push notification tool is not fulfilling your expectations, you can modify it in your subsequent app updates.

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