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Py2D: Making Vector Creation Easier, One Game at a Time

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Py2D: Making Vector Creation Easier, One Game at a Time

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Tired of dealing with the same common task while creating your vector-based games?  Stefan Seemayer feels your pain, and has been hard at work coming up with a solution to your problem.  He has created an impressive utility library featuring "tons of geometry-related functionalities" for creating vector-based games using Python, and while it's still in the early development stages, Py2D already has an impressive list of features including:

  • Classes for Vectors, Polygons, and Affine Transformations with basic operation
  • Polygonal Field-of-Vision Calculation
  • Generate polygon obstructions from tile map data
  • Perform boolean operations (union, intersection, difference) on polygons
  • Grom and shrink polygons (polygon buffering, polygon offsetting)
  • Decompose polygons into convex parts
  • Generate navigation meshes and navigate them

-- Py2D

Most of these features can be seen in action, thanks to Stefan's demo video:

Py2D is available on Github and is released under the BSD license, so feel free to use it in a commercial application or build on top of what Stefan has already created.  And, as previously mentioned, the project is still in it's early stages, so expect more features along the way.

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