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PyCharm - The New Python IDE on the Block

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The beta was released in July and now the generally available version of PyCharm 1.0 is finally here!  From JetBrains, the architects of IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm joins other language-focused IDEs that the company distributes, including RubyMine, PHPStorm, and WebStorm.  In a small market of Python-focused IDEs, PyCharm has a real shot at charming Pythonistas enough to compete with Eclipse's PyDev or the more broadly focused Komodo IDE.

Python has been emerging as a powerful, easy-to-learn, high-level language that is being adopted heavily in areas such as scientific/statistical computing.  Many are finding that it's a formidable replacement for Perl, which has slowed in development over the past few years.  Google App Engine and Django are two platforms that are driving Python onto the web, and PyCharm facilitates development for both.  

Built on IntelliJ's popular platform, PyCharm inherits excellent JavaScript, HTML, and CSS editing that web developers need.  The general features in PyCharm include:

    •    Coding Assistance
    •    Coding Analysis
    •    Code Navigation
    •    Python Refactoring
    •    Django and GAE facilities
    •    Graphical Unit Test Runner
    •    Integrated Python Debugger
    •    Integrated Unit Testing
    •    Version Control Integration

Edit HTML, CSS and, JavaScript inside Django templates with advanced coding assistance

PyCharm supports the modern Python development toolchain by recognizing tools like virtualenv and buildout.  PyCharm has advantages over most REPL and Django consoles with on-the-fly syntax check with inspections, braces and quotes matching, pairs auto-insertion, and code completion. The version control has a unified UI that can plug into Mercurial, Git, Subversion, Perforce, and CVS.

PyCharm is free for educational institutions and open source projects.  Otherwise, it has two affordable licenses.

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