Pylife Leverages Mesh Technology To Keep Consumers Connected

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Pylife Leverages Mesh Technology To Keep Consumers Connected

IoT provider Pycom has recently added a game-changer called Pylife, a digital dashboard to track and maintain their IoT devices. Click here to learn more.

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About two years ago, we let our cat outside to roam around the yard. He did well and came back inside the house after a short period of time. This process repeated itself without any issues ... until he didn't immediately return. In fact, it wasn't until 36 hours later (and a great deal of worrying) that he finally returned home. At that time, I wished I had a way to track our feline's movements and location.

Enter Pycom and their Pylife product.

Pycom, PyGo, and the PyMesh Network

Pycom is a corporation centered around the Internet of Things (IoT) technology space, focusing on interconnectivity between their devices. Working in both the hardware and software aspects, their solutions offer a unique set of products that act within a connected ecosystem, called the PyMesh Network.

PyGo is a wearable device, created by Pycom, that can be utilized in a number of different ways. Some examples include its ability to:

  • Attach to your child

  • Attach to a loved one

  • Stow in a belonging that needs to be tracked

  • Attach to house or vehicle keys

  • Attach to an automobile you wish to track

  • Your feline that enjoys being outside and is difficult to locate

The heart of the PyGo device is small in size, measuring 41mm x 12.5mm x 24mm. With a battery life of about four days, checking in to recharge the PyGo is typically a twice-a-week process. Not too much to ask for something you truly care about, right?

Devices created by Pycom, like the PyGo, can communicate with each other over multiple protocols. In fact, leveraging a Kickstarter campaign and Verizon certification, their devices can utilize five different networks for intercommunication:

  • Wi-Fi

  • BLE

  • LTE-M Cellular

    • CAT M1

    • NB-IoT

  • LPWAN technologies such as LoRa

When none of the networks are available, the PyGo use built-in mesh capabilities to connect to the Pycom network of devices.

The Pylife Product

This is where the Pylife digital dashboard comes into play.

While the concept of IoT wearables has been around for some time now, Pycom's Pylife product becomes a differentiator, offering a digital dashboard for their connected devices. The theory is that, by connecting your loved ones (people and pets) and items you wish to always track, your entire life is available via the Pylife dashboard using multiple networks to check in for one to see.

The Pylife app was designed with an API from the start, providing developers with the ability to utilize the technologies for their own needs. Perhaps, I could attach a PyGo to each of our four cats (don't judge me) and then build out my own Feline Tracker dashboard that allows me to see the location of all four cats at any given time.


Those with an interest in IoT technology should check out the Pycom product offerings. While the official Kickstarter campaign is underway, participants are able to obtain PyGo products at a discounted price, allowing for an attractive way to get involved with the IoT space.

If you wish to follow along at a distance, simply follow @MyPylife and @pycomIoT on social media.

Have a really great day!

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