Python Frameworks Used for Application-Oriented Fields

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Python Frameworks Used for Application-Oriented Fields

In this post, we review a list of severn Python web development frameworks that can help devs with a variety of web development tasks.

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Python is an open-source object-oriented programming language. Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It has a well-organized source code, and it is used for web applications and numerous other things.

Python is also easy to interface with frameworks. There are several frameworks that allow for easier customization and less coding. They help developers get the job done faster. With these frameworks, games, apps, educational programs, and other software can be built faster and better.

In this article, we shall look at some of the Python frameworks that can be used for application-oriented fields. These frameworks will be highly useful to you as a Python developer.

1. CherryPy:

CherryPy is a minimalist Python web framework. It works on the most recent versions of Python, and it even runs perfectly on Android. It has been in use for almost ten years. CherryPy allows developers to run various HTTP servers at the same time and it allows for profiling. It also has a plugin system that is flexible. Appoptics is one of the best way to check the application performance score.

2. Flask:

Flask is a framework that is highly suitable for developers that want to make a standalone app. Flask comes with the Jinja template engine by default, but developers can choose any template engine or ORM that is perfect for them. Flask is very useful for writing APIs, endpoints, or RESTful services. Flask is considered open-ended to unique systems. Developers can create backend systems any way they want, but it was designed for more open-ended applications.

3. Django:

Django is the most popular Python framework. It is an open-source framework that makes things very fast and scalable. The framework is regularly updated to match the latest versions of Python. Django supports a lot of database engines and is used by popular websites like Instagram, Pinterest, The Washington Post and others. Popular comment internet application, Disqus was made using Django. Django is easy to pick up for beginners. The first release of Django was in 2006, and it has been expanding since then. Django can be used to build almost any kind of website from social networks to CMS to wikis to news sites. With Django, you can deliver content in JSON, RSS feeds XML, HTML, and almost any other format.

4. Pyramid:

Pyramid is a Python framework that supports authentication and routing. It is great for developing large web applications, like CMSs, and it is useful for prototyping a concept and for developers working on API projects. Pyramid is flexible and can be used for both simple and complex projects.

5. TurboGears:

TurboGears is an innovative Python framework. It is a single file app that can be run on Python and also scaled to a full stack solution. It has a flexible ORM with multi-database support. It can be used for all forms of simple and advanced projects. The documentation is simple and easy to use. With TurboGears, you can create a ready-to-extend application in mere minutes.

6. Pylons:

Pylons is a framework that makes the tracking of errors easy thanks to its online debugger. It is an open source framework supported by a lot of talented and experienced developers.

7. Web2py:

Web2py is one of the most portable, flexible, and easy to use Python frameworks available. It doesn’t require any installation or configuration and it uses LDAP for its authentication system. Web2py can be run off a simple USB flash drive. It supports various database engines, and it has a built-in ticketing system to help it manage errors. Web2py doesn't support older versions of Python.


There are several Python frameworks available. But these are the best frameworks that can be used for application-oriented fields. Django, CherryPy, TurboGears, Web2py, Pylons, Flask, and Pyramid are good frameworks to know for any developer looking to get into application-oriented fields.

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