Python List: A Complete Tutorial [Video]

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Python List: A Complete Tutorial [Video]

A developer gives a great video tutorial on how to work with data structures, specifically lists, when working with Python.

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This video tutorial is on Python lists and how to work with them.

Video Content:

0:12-Introduction to list. 1:48-Different methods to create lists.

1:50-Empty List.

2:00-List of strings.

2:10-List of numbers.

2:18-List of numbers using list comprehension (using for loop).

2:44-List of numbers using range.

2:55-Creating a list of even numbers less than 10 using list comprehension.

3:18-Creating a list of even numbers less than 10 using range.

3:36-Creating List from comma separated strings.

4:04-Put all characters in a string to list.

4:30-Put each digit in an integer to list.

4:53-Convert the dictionary key or value to list.

5:49-Built-in functions for lists in python.

5:57-list.append() to append a single element at the end of the list.

7:00-list.extend() to append each element of one list to another list.

7:40-list.insert() used to insert an item at a particular location.

8:25-list.index to fetch the index of an item in the list.

9:08-list.remove method to remove an element from the list.

9:35-list.pop method which removes and returns us the element from the list.

10:23-list.sort to sort the list either in ascending or descending order.

11:00-list.reverse method is used to reverse the list items.

11:27-len method to get the length or number of items in a list.

11:53-min and max functions to find the minimum or maximum value in a list.

12:26-list.count method to find how many time an item appears in the list.

12:58-list.clear method to remove all the elements in the list.

13:20-To check if an item exists in the list.

13:52-indexing the Python list.

14:00-fetch the first element.

14:27-get the last item.

15:04-Slicing (fetching specific portion of our list) examples.

15:56-slicing with increment or skipping.

16:45-Slicing in reverse order.

17:25-reversed function to iterate a list in reverse order.

18:28-Slice Assignment to insert or replace items of one list inside another list at a particular location. 19:25-remove elements using slicing assignment.

19:41-how to copy list, understand why copying a list is tricky.

22:40-copy list using deep copy.

23:16-for loops on lists.

24:05-join all the contents in the list in to a string.

24:55-convert a list of lists in to a flat list.

25:46-see if list has duplicate elements.

26:40-shift or rotate the list

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