Set Operations in Python

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Set Operations in Python

In this code snippet, we'll discuss how to perform various operations on set in Python using inbuilt functions and operators.

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Set theory is a branch of mathematical logic that studies sets, which informally are collections of objects. Although any type of object can be collected into a set, set theory is applied most often to objects that are relevant to mathematics. The language of set theory can be used to define nearly all mathematical objects. [wiki]

A set in Python is a collections of unique elements. Get your pen and paper and draw those venn diagrams to learn about set operations. 

A set is a Many that allows itself to be thought of as a One. 

~ Georg Cantor

We will use Python to find the:

  1. Union
  2. Intersection
  3. Difference
  4. Symmetric Difference 

of two sets.

Here, I have taken two sets of numbers and have written code to find out the above operations in two ways.

  1. Using operators.
  2. Using inbuilt functions.

Get the code in Github

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