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Q&A with Tamsin Fox-Davies, Small Business Marketing Mentor

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Q&A with Tamsin Fox-Davies, Small Business Marketing Mentor

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This interview is with Tamsin Fox-Davies, a Small Business Marketing Mentor at Constant Contact. 

Q: What does engagement marketing actually mean?

Marseille-fansA: Engagement Marketing means building relationships with your customers and potential customers, in order to have them become HUGE fans and also your secret sales force.

That’s not nearly as complicated as it sounds, and anyone can do it. Basically, it’s about giving people what we call a ‘WOW Experience’, (where you do something that makes them go ‘wow!’) and that makes your business worth talking about. Then, you ask those people if you can stay in touch with them, so that you can keep the conversation going, keep them coming back to you, and keep them recommending you to others.


Q: Why is engagement marketing so important for small businesses?

A: Small businesses have the most to gain from using Engagement Marketing. It’s a technique that doesn’t need a lot of time or budget, and it expands your reach hugely.

Most small businesses live or die by word of mouth and recommendations. Engagement Marketing is word of mouth on rocket-fuel, and what’s more, YOU can actually make it happen (instead of waiting for people to recommend you all on their own).

Q: How do you get started if you don’t have Facebook or Twitter?

twitter_facebook1A: Facebook and Twitter are great tools for Engagement Marketing, but you don’t have to use them to get started.

Firstly, you just have to create that ‘WOW’ factor within your business (which could be the customer service that you provide, using funky packaging, or the training/support that you offer your customers, for example).

Then, you make it easy for people to keep in touch with you AND tell others about you. Email is one of the best ways to do this, and atConstant Contact we have Engagement Marketing best practices (like easy social sharing for your readers) built in to our tools.

Q: How do you know what to say and how often to say it?

A: ‘What do I post/write about?’ is one of the most common questions I am asked. The good news is that the answer is easy. You just need to think about these things and write down the answers:

question-mark1. What is your most common customer question?
2. What do you know that your customers don’t?
3. Can you give a tip on how to use your products better or be more successful with what you do?
4. Is there some big news in your industry that your audience would like to know about?
5. What’s happening in your business and how can your audience get involved?

These items will give you a great starting point. You only have to pick one question to answer at a time and keep your answer short and sweet.

In terms of frequency it depends on the platform:
Email: Send monthly as a minimum, and just stick to whatever you tell people you’re going to do. If it’s a fortnightly newsletter, make sure you send fortnightly, if it’s weekly then send weekly (not daily).

Social media: Consistency is more important than frequency. Keep your updates regular. On Twitter many people update 20+ times a day, and that’s fine, but on Linkedin that would be very weird, so think about which channel you are using and what makes sense there.

Q: How much time will it cost a business to make it worthwhile?

A: Engagement Marketing is really a way of doing things, so you build it in to your normal business practices in terms of customer service etc. However, for email and social media, here’s a rough idea of what you could spend time-wise if you want to put a lot of effort in (and it’s less than you think!):

Weekly email newsletter: One hour a week (once you have set up your template).
Very good daily Twitter coverage: 20mins a day
Daily Linkedin update: 30 seconds
2x daily Facebook updates: 2mins total

So as you can see, it’s not a lot of time, even if you’re doing LOTS of engagement. You can make it even easier if you use tools like Hootsuite or MarketMeSuite to schedule your posts and manage any replies.

If you are in the Ulverston area and would like to meet Tamsin in person and hear more about engagement marketing, email marketing and event marketing, then click here to find out more about the Constant Contact event on the 29th May.


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