QAOps — A Rising Trend of Software Testing

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QAOps — A Rising Trend of Software Testing

QAOps is the practice of integrating QA activities with CICD and thus approaching software quality with a DevOps mindset.

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DevOps — nowadays, this is a buzzword that we can hear all the time in the software development world. DevOps is a combination of development (which represents ‘Dev’ in DevOps) and IT operations (which represents ‘Ops’ in DevOps) teams. DevOps focuses on the involvement of both the development team and the operations team in the development of a product.

By using the DevOps approach, organizations are moving towards the continuous and rapid delivery of high-quality products. Quality is the main and crucial aspect of any development cycle, as the developed product should be able to provide the utmost user experience to the customer. Good quality products follow customer satisfaction; and at the end of the day, customer satisfaction is the paramount goal of any organization.   

Since DevOps became popular, many other variations of DevOps are introduced in the market such as NetOps, DevSecOps, DataOps. One such variant is QAOps.

QAOps is a combination of QA i.e. quality assurance and software operations (which represents ‘Ops’ in QAOps). QAOps focuses on achieving the topnotch quality for the developed software with a DevOps approach. 

Keeping the QA team separate from the development process and involving them only when the code is available for testing is in the past now. Now, QAOps makes sure that software testing is a part of the CI/CD pipeline and QA teams need to work together with the development team to achieve the required quality for a product. 

To Summarize, QAOPs Focuses on Two Key Principles

  • QA activities should be a part of the CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) pipeline. 
  • QA team should work in alignment with the development team, operations team, and other teams involved in the CI/CD pipeline.

What Are the Benefits of QAOps?

QAOps is a relatively new and less popular term as compared to DevOps. Not many organizations are aware of it, but it is gaining its popularity as DevOps is becoming more useful in developing rapid products and with QAOps, the quality quotient of the product increases heavily. Due to QAOps, QA is no longer a minor or supporting role in the development lifecycle, but it is taking the center stage with the development team. 

This section discusses some of the benefits that the organizations can have if quality assurance activities are infused in the delivery pipeline.

  • Increased Quality — Quality is the main reason why the QAOps approach was introduced. As QA activities are integrated with the delivery pipeline, the developed product is likely to have high quality than any product that was developed using any other traditional methodology. In the CI/CD pipeline, continuous testing is achieved through extensive use of automation that ends in accurate and fast results. This improved process boosts the confidence of not only the internal project team but also of the organization, which eventually affects the revenue of the organization.
  • Teamwork and Productivity — Earlier testing teams were not involved much with the other teams in the development lifecycle. Now, due to QAOps, the QA team is involved in the delivery pipeline that results in frequent interactions with the other teams. Such changes help the QA team in gaining more value or importance in the organization, which can also result in their confidence and productivity. Moreover, continuous interaction with other team members helps the QA team in understanding the requirements more clearly and performing the testing activities.


There are still some arguments on whether the ‘QAOps’ term exists or not as it is yet to be popular. But given the advantages of the QAOps approach and the kind of boost it gives the products in terms of achieving the quality, it will be a widely used approach in the coming future.

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