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QnA with DooPHP Lead Developer

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QnA with DooPHP Lead Developer

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 This is an interview with Leng Seng Hong about the DooPHP framework.  Leng is the lead developer behind DooPHP.  DooPHP is a newer PHP framework that is making headway with it's simple style.


Tell me little bit about yourself Leng,

I am just some random freelance geek who loves Flash, Flex, JS and PHP very much. I am a self taught web developer and sometimes a designer who loves technology and have been playing with quite a lot of languages and frameworks. If you know me, you know that PHP is my passion. Talking about PHP is fun, working with PHP is fun, and helping others work with PHP is fun!


How long has DooPHP been around,  

DooPHP is the new kid on the block. It’s a pretty young but an energetic framework which is currently blooming and expanding to be a greater tool for web developers. It’s drafted and developed in early Jun and was finally launched officially in mid-July, rising up quite some discussions/critics on its performance benchmark.


You just released DooPHP 1.2; What are the major changes from the last verision,

In version 1.2, we have enhanced ORM tools which enable developers to write shorter and cleaner code while not sacrificing performance. All Models can extend the new DooModel for useful ORM functionalities such as count(), limit(), getById(), etc. There’s another DooSmartModel which is a “smarter” version of DooModel and its aim is to provide automated data cache management for the Models.

Data validation is added in this version too. You can validate data from a form or a Model object by writing some validation rules. The framework provides quite a number of useful rules for you to test and check your data. Validation rules for Models can also be generated by the model generator feature in DooPHP which save you a lot of time from manually writing tedious code.

There are also some bug fixes and enhancement on the View, Cache and ORM part of the framework. It’s recommended to upgrade to the latest version.


Why should a PHP developer chose to use a framework,

A framework can be understood as a bunch of useful tools to help developers to write code faster and reduces the overall development time. Besides, a framework helps developers to write a more maintainable code. Using a framework is sometimes necessary in a group project where every team member should abide a coding style/rule which will be easier to be understood and maintain by other members. I bet that every PHP developers have quite a list of useful classes/code snippets in their toolbox.


What are some common frameworks for PHP and how does DooPHP differ from them,

DooPHP is a framework for KISS lovers who dislike complexity. I always believe that things should be kept as simple as possible since most of us are not rocket scientists.


Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.

Leonardo da Vinci

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Albert Einstein  

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.


The framework tries to be as lightweight as possible and has a small source code footprint. It tries to be as blazing fast as possible by keeping things simple yet maintainable.

There are quite some PHP frameworks out there such as CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Symfony, Kohana, Zend Framework, Yii, Madeam.  I admit that I love a few features of them here and there but I always feel that they’re sometimes quite confusing/hard to use.

 Also performance is another issue where poor guys like me need to host projects on share hosted environment with limited system resources. I have been using a framework on a simple project and actually get warnings from the the hosting company. Thus, I think a framework should be performance wise for future scalability. DooPHP will not get in your way in terms of speed and performance.

DooPHP may be smaller than others. It may be younger than others. But I think it would be fun to use in your next project with better features in every release.


Do you have any tutorials for DooPHP.

Currently, there are some demos which come along with simple usage tutorial that will help you get started in using DooPHP. There are quite some code examples too in the API documentation and you can find quite some answers/snippets of the framework in the forum. Though, DooPHP still needs quite some writeup, screencast, tutorials to help beginners which is in progress thanks to some helpful & generous users of the framework.


If a developer is interested in getting envolded with DooPHP. How would he go about doing so, Where can users interesed in DooPHP go?

If anyone would like to contribute in DooPHP, just register at the forum and post up your ideas and suggestions. There’s also a tips & tricks section in the forum if you have some useful code snippets or extensions to share with other users. It would be great to have some help on tutorials/guide writeup too.

Any form of help is appreciated. I hope that DooPHP would be a greater framework with the help from skillful developers out there.

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