QR Code Fades in Mobile App Development Industry

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QR Code Fades in Mobile App Development Industry

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We all are familiar with barcode impressions on the products and packages and its essentiality in industry as well as other relevant services where confidentiality of information is a prime concern. Unfortunately, barcode needs special scanners as an investment and barrier to keep as well as run them anywhere else other than fixed places with electric supply or stand.

Emergence of QR Code

Considering such constraints of barcode, experts have developed pixilated black and white images that can be scanned using camera with relevant software, known as QR Code colloquially. The pure intention behind usage of camera and software was to use smartphone and other handheld devices in due course, which are already loaded with camera and OS to harbor scanning software.

Initially, concept has gain good momentum and experts in different industries as well as marketing professional had given it a warm welcome. Unfortunately, tempo for QR Code died gradually and despite the ubiquitous presence of QR Code stickers on product, ads, etc. and smartphones in every hand QR Code is fading gradually. If we carefully dissect the real reasons behind these fading trends of QR Code, we would have gloomy picture in hands.

Lack of Inclusion in OS

Marketers have pointed out one thing about QR Code is that, the QR Code scanning apps are not available natively in any mobile OS and need to download as well as install on the devices. This ultimately is reducing the importance of QR Code on mobile landscapes and users are never getting any inspiration to use it, despite its availability as free software on each mobile platform. 

Moreover, number of QR Code availability for the same mobile platform confuse users to decide, which one is the best fit for them and how to use them easily.

Lack of Mobile Friendly Websites

Suppose someone has installed QR Code software and used once, it leads users to websites, which are not surely mobile friendly or responsive by nature to offer the excellent user experiences and deliver quick info that expected by the users from the QR Code scanning exercise. This thing ultimately dimming marketing charms as very few users are arriving on website or marketing content intended through QR Code expenditure. Hence, marketers feel low ROI for QR Code inclusion in their future marketing campaigns.


We have extracted two very important reasons behind QR Code concept fading and solving them in favor of present QR Code concept seems daunting because we can’t force mobile OS developers to include them for sake of interests of marketers. Similarly, we can’t educate each business using QR Code to develop responsive websites or mobile friendly websites just to give the best user experiences to the handful of QR Code users.

However, designing QR Code in entirely new technical concepts and making them viable is altogether different matter and time will tell the feasible answers.

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