Qt Release Version 5.7, Opens Up Even More

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Qt Release Version 5.7, Opens Up Even More

Qt, the platform for embedded and desktop UI development, has opened up more of their proprietary tools and released a few more to boot.

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Earlier today, Qt, the cross-platform framework for developing GUIs and device UI announced the release of version 5.7 only three months after version 5.6. However, several notable changes have been made to the project. You can find the full rundown here

Open Source

First, Qt is no longer available as open source software under the LGPL version 2.1, but instead under LGPL version 3 for their frameworks and libraries, and GPL version 3 for their tools. Many of their previously commercial tools are now available under the latter license:

  • Qt Charts
  • Qt Visualization
  • Qt Virtual Keyboard
  • Qt 2D Render

These changes were made to "bring [Qt] more in line with the philosophy of the Free Software movement." 

Turning C++ to 11

Since Qt was built in C++, the company has an interest in modernizing Qt's codebase by keeping up with improvements to C++. To start meeting that end, a C++11 compiler will be required to develop apps with Qt 5.7. The Qt Company produced a brief video to go into more detail:

3D Rendering

With more UIs integrating 3D graphics, Qt previewed their 3D graphics module when they announced version 5.5. With 5.7, Qt will now feature 3D graphics. The company describes it as both a renderer and a simulation framework, with APIs for C++ and QML. Most of the development work was done by KDAB, who introduced the module here

More Supported Devices

First, Windows is now a fully supported platform to develop embedded Linux apps, though Windows embedded is no longer supported. In addition, the following platforms can now be developed for:

  • QNX
  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • NVIDIA DRIVE CX boards

Other Changes

In addition to open sourcing their tools, releasing a 3D rendering tool, and supporting more devices, Qt 5.7 includes a new development environment, a preview of over-the-air updates, and new functionality in some of their existing tools and modules. You can find the full list of improvements and changes here

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