Qualia Releases Chariot 1.1

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Qualia Releases Chariot 1.1

Second release of its web-of-things product.

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Chariot is a Maker tool for structuring your Arduino experiment as a web-of-things.

Chariot distributes Arduino resources among sketches and other clients by connecting Arduinos in a wireless mesh. Arduinos then exchange sense and actuation information as web objects using familiar RESTful functions (GET, PUT, POST, DELETE).

In addition, Qualia Networks has created a coldchain sketch that uses the precision temp sensor on Chariot to establish a cold chain mesh monitoring system.

Another sketch uses the exciting new ESP8266 WiFi UNO to set up a tracking system. They  use Blynk (see blynk.cc) to track temp, location, accelerometer and magnetometer telemetry provided by Chariot-equipped Arduino motes and deliver it to a smartphone app.

They have also added an Arduinowebsocket example that allows Chrome and Firefox browsers to communicate directly with motes in Chariot web-of-things experiments. The Chariot Github page has sketch examples.

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