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Thanks to recent legislation passed by the United States Congress, many people in American are trading in their old run-down gas guzzling cars for much more fuel efficient vehicles. My wife's parents are taking advantage of this offer and they recently traded in an older Nissan car for a lean-mean fuel sipping vehicle. They really wanted us to come see the new car when we were over there Sunday evening, but unfortunately they were unable to take the vehicle home that evening because the dealership needed to "detail it". Not sure what you need to detail on a new car, but that is probably code for "we just got this one on the lot and had yet to put our dealership's logo on it".

But anyways, after we got over to their house we talked with them for a while and then my wife's mother brought out the brochure for the new vehicle that they were purchasing. They started going through the brochure showing us all of the cool little touches and features that the car they were getting contained. I was starting to get a little jealous! I found myself wanting things like a push button start and doors that unlock as I got near them. After going through the brochure, I was thinking, "Man, I want one of these!" But at the same time, this car was not one that I would ever be interested in or even consider purchasing, but this brochure just made the car seem soooooo sexy.

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