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Interview Questions Every Mobile App Developer Should Know

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Interview Questions Every Mobile App Developer Should Know

Here are the interview questions you need to be ready to answer if you want a career in mobile app development.

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You may be sure about your abilities and experience, and believe that previous projects have taught you and your team enough to deal with anything you set your mind to. Your potential employer, however, doesn’t know you — which means that, if they know their business, they are going to ask you some questions. And you’d better prepare answers beforehand.

Do You Have a Contingency Plan?

Most teams, especially smaller ones, have a main developer (at least for this particular project) who performs most of the work and defines, to a considerable degree, how fast the entire team is capable of progressing. This has a potential for disaster – if something happens to the main developer, the work on an entire project may be paralyzed indefinitely. That is why a team should have a backup plan at the ready should such a situation arise.

What Is Your Pricing Policy?

In other words, you should have one. Take a look at most top mobile app development companies and you will see that all of them have a pretty definite idea of how much their services are going to cost. Although they still decide it on project-by-project basis, their clients (especially return clients) have a clear idea of how much they are going to pay.

What Are Your Maintenance and Upgrade Plans?

All major platforms update their software several times a year, and sometimes these updates wreak havoc with the inner workings of many apps. Your employer is likely to be interested in how you are prepared to deal with this problem. In addition to that, a living app should constantly be developing and evolving even without pressure – once it stops, it is as good as dead. Thus, you should have a ready-made plan on post-release support and development.

Which Smartphone Do You Use?

It may look irrelevant for you, but employers often ask this “trick question” to check if you are sincere in your interest and passion towards the platform you are going to work with. Thus, you should express not only theoretical but practical interest and knowledge of apps, market and current trends, which can presumably help with developing a better app of your own.

How Long Will It Take to Develop the App?

This is probably the most crucial question you are going to be asked, certainly more important than the cost of the entire proceedings. An employer usually needs an app to be ready by a particular date, or the sooner the better. There is probably no way to give an accurate estimate aside from experience and comparison with previous projects, but it is important to avoid giving unrealistic promises. It is much better to give a less optimistic timeline and keep to it than impress the employer with your lightning speed, blow the deadline and cause losses.

It is, of course, impossible to prepare yourself to all the questions that can potential employers may see fit to ask you, but being ready to answer the most important ones can still be incredibly useful in making a good first impression.

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