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The Quick and Dirty SDN Primer

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The Quick and Dirty SDN Primer

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Don't have time to listen to a 30-minute presentation on software-defined networking?  You can probably read this primer from techpageone.com in less than two minutes.

"Software defined networking: A quick primer" gives you five key advantages of SDN and defines four terms: SDN, OpenFlow, NVO, and OMG.  

I like that the Dell article isn't focused on selling you a product and suggests how you can build your own SDN with Cisco or other vendors' router/switch APIs.  However, it still takes the chance to make sure you know about Dell's Active Fabric solutions.

What I didn't like was the lack of information about SDN concerns and criticisms, which are nothing to sneeze at.  I agree that SDN is pretty much an inevitability for future IT departments, but being aware of the drawbacks is an important part of any technology introduction.  For those interested in the criticisms of SDN, you can check one of my articles about a heated SDN discussion.


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