Quick Azure Integration Landscape

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Quick Azure Integration Landscape

Here's a brief guide to the wide variety of Azure components.

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It can be difficult sometimes to find your way around all the components that Azure makes available. It's also difficult to get a quick overview of the components that allow integration — not to mention the components that can have a hybrid deployment. So I decided to offer you a summary diagram, presented here with a brief description of each Azure component. Others legacy components are shown as typical examples of what can be plugged into Azure.

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Data-Oriented Solutions

  • Azure Data Factory: Azure Data Factory is the global suite for Azure Data Integration to develop data pipelines and activities

  • Azure SSIS: SSIS is an ETL runtime integration deployed on Azure Data Factory, to integrate different databases with each other

  • Azure Data Gateway: Azure Data Gateway is an on-premise gateway providing secure data transfer between local data sources and your Azure Analysis service, Azure Logic Apps, Power BI, and MS Flow servers

Event-Oriented Solutions

  •  Azure Service Bus: Azure Service Bus is a cloud messaging service with a high level of reliability between applications and services, even when one of these elements is offline

  • Azure Event Hub: Azure Event Hub is a fully managed, simple, secure, and scalable real-time data ingestion service

  •  Azure Event Grid: Azure Event Grid adds routing capacities to Azure Event Hub, located upstream; it's a fully managed event routing service that connects events from multiple sources

Service-Oriented Solutions

  •  Azure API: API Manager is the solution to publish web APIs (API REST & SOAP), enforcing their usage policies, controlling access, collecting and analyzing usage statistics, and reporting on performance

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