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Quick Fix Ways to Keep your Magento Site Healthy

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Quick Fix Ways to Keep your Magento Site Healthy

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Magento promises a fully functional e-store with all the customizations to match your basic requirement. Your job as a web developer does not end with creating and running the site. Maintaining the site is also very important for developer. You need to keep the e-store healthy in such a way that the loading time and speed is good. This is how you will be able to retain your customers and ensure complete loyalty.

Your site’s optimization plays an important role in determining if it will achieve customer loyalty or not. There are ways to ensure a healthy Magento eCommerce website. Here are some quick fix ways that will make sure your Magento webshop is absolutely healthy.

Peak Operating Hour Maintenance
This is very important from an e-commerce website’s point of view. During peak hours, when your website is being accessed, you need to make sure that it does not run slow, or load slowly. For this purpose you need to make sure that you avoid certain things during peak hours. You should never run back up utilities at peak hours. You should also avoid running antivirus scans during the peak hours. This will ensure the right speed and also retain all your customers.

External Sources
When you want to make sure that your site is pretty healthy, you should avoid using too many external sources. The main reason behind avoiding it is the fact that every DNS lookup takes up extra time and involves slowing down your website. In case you have some images, twitter feeds etc. that are beyond the scope of your website then you are in for some indulgent time which will make your website latent. This will not just increase the loading time but also slow down your server eventually. You should ideally store all the necessary things on your server. This will essentially keep your Magento website healthy.

W3C Compliance
You will need to make the output of the Magento website W3C compliant. In case you face W3C errors, the browsers will automatically slow down in this case. You should ideally own extensions that you are going to use in any way. In case, you plan on using extensions that is beyond the scope of your website, it will slow down your server by putting a heavy strain on it. If possible try to avoid overuse of extensions on your Magento web system.

Limit the Products
This is yet another trick to keep your Magento website healthy. When you have an overview page for the product listing on your website, make sure you list minimal products on that page. You also need to make sure that you use vector images. Limit the images on the page and include more content. This way your website will be healthy and will open faster too.

Compilation Feature
With the Magento compilation feature you can expect about 25% to 50% boost in the website’s performance. You can expect an enhanced and fast website that is sure to retain its consumers. If you wish to access this compilation feature, you need to visit system>tools>compilation.

Caching Techniques
Caching is an important ingredient of improving the website performance. You will need to incorporate some website caching techniques, especially when you are concerned with Magento based websites. You should ideally enable the full page caching as it will help load the products and the complete website faster.

Solr Search Feature
This is yet another feature that helps maintain the health of your Magento website . When you enable Solr Search feature to your Magento ecommerce store, you will find that your site searches faster and gets loaded faster as compared to when it is setup to default. When your website has a lot many products listed, you will find this feature beneficial.

When you are trying to keep your Magento site healthy, continuous monitoring is very essential. You should keep an eye for problems that may slow your site. A dedicated hosting is recommended when you are dealing with a Magento site that has many products listed on it. 

It is important that you follow all these techniques when maintaining your Magento site. The health of your website determines the customer retention and in turn their loyalty. 

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