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Quick Start: Eclipse Che + PHP Tutorial

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Quick Start: Eclipse Che + PHP Tutorial

If you're new to the world of Eclipse Che and are a PHP developer, this post is for you. We take a look at how to get up and running using Eclipse Che in no time at all!

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If you’re new to Che or have been with us since the beginning, one thing you’ll notice is we have an incredible community of users and support. What you may not know, is we have a host of tutorials on how to get started and advance your skills within Che. Each one is available for free on our Che docs site.

The Quick Start series highlights some of our most popular tutorials. We created these to help users get to know Che or use the familiar Che tools to explore a new technology.

PHP, C++, Java - everyone has their go-to languages, including the Che team. Personal preferences aside, developers can agree that only a handful have ever had the popularity and staying power of PHP.

The team at Rogue Wave, which makes the popular Zend series of PHP tools, recently contributed a ton of fantastic power features for PHP users in Che. To make sure people found them, they created a pair of PHP tutorials to help PHP developers get familiar with Che using their favorite language.

Give it a Try

PHP Tutorial: https://eclipse.org/che/docs/tutorials/php/index.html

Make sure to try the auto-complete — type “inc” and hit CTRL+Space to trigger it.

Zend also added a debugger for PHP which is worth checking out.

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