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Quick Tip: Navigating in Ionic without History

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Quick Tip: Navigating in Ionic without History

A quick tutorial on how to move a user logging in to a new state with the Ionic framework.

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Before I start, just a quick note. What I’m describing here is clearly documented, but as I keep reminding myself I’ve yet to read 100% of the Ionic docs and I really need to. A big thank you goes out to @breakingthings on the Ionic Worldwide Slack channel for letting me know about this. So here’s the question. Imagine you have an Ionic app with a login screen:

iOS Simulator Screen Shot Jul 14, 2015, 12.58.55 PM

After logging in, you want to automatically move the user to a new state:


But when you do, you end up with this in your header:


That link back to the Login view comes from how Ionic handles view history and the header. Most of the time you probably want that, but in this case, I definitely do not want it. Luckily it is rather simple to fix using $ionicHistory:

    disableBack: true

Yep, that’s it. Nice and simple. And just in case it isn’t clear, this modification only impacts the next change.

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