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QuipuKit 1.4.2 with Improved DataTable & TreeTable Performance

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QuipuKit 1.4.2 with Improved DataTable & TreeTable Performance

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We are pleased to announce release of QuipuKit 1.4.2, a commercial component library for JSF. This maintenance release mainly includes resolutions for requests we received from our customers. The full list of fixes is available at What's New page.

QuipuKit DataTable


  • DataTable/TreeTable: Improved performance of data loading.


  • Ajax:
    • “Non-serializable attribute” exception appears in some configurations with QuipuKit 1.4.
    • Ajax-enabled components disappear after Ajax action in Safari 3.0.4 for Windows.
    • The Ajax progress message does not disappear if exception is thrown from the onajaxend event of <q:ajaxSettings> tag.
  • TreeTable:
    • The TreeTable's header disappears after filtering in Safari 3 for Windows.
    • Some nodes get collapsed after sorting in some cases.
  • DateChooser:
    • Opening the drop-down calendar without changing value fires onchange event.
    • Wrong year shown in the DateChooser with 'MM/dd' pattern and 'en' locale
  • DataTable: Incorrect behavior of the filtering feature after deleting the last row satisfying filter criteria.
  • General: QuipuKit filter does not rethrow servlet exceptions.
  • Compatibility: JavaScript error appears after clicking on a page in a QuipuKit application that uses the Dojo toolkit.
  • Chart: The upperBound property of the <q:numberAxis> tag is set to 1 if the upperBound attribute is not specified but there is a lowerBound attribute.
  • Validation: JavaScript error appears on the page with a global message but without input components.

The new version of QuipuKit is available on the Download page.

For any questions or feedback related to QuipuKit, visit forum or e-mail us directly.


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