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QuipuKit 1.4.3 with Improved JBoss Seam Compatibility

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QuipuKit 1.4.3 with Improved JBoss Seam Compatibility

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We are pleased to announce a release of QuipuKit 1.4.3, a commercial component library for JSF. In this maintenance release we have resolved the known issue of using JBoss Seam's link and button components inside of QuipuKit DataTable component. This release also contains bug fixes and resolutions for requests we received from our customers. The full list of fixes is available at What's New page.

QuipuKit Calendar


  • DataTable with JBoss Seam: Resolved the known issue of not being able to use JBoss Seam's link and button components inside of .


  • Calendar: The next month icon jumps when changing selected month.
  • TreeTable:
    • JavaScript error if use the “bodyOddRowStyle”/“bodyOddRowClass” attributes of the TreeTable without sorting.
    • Drop-down list of the “dropDownField” filter is misaligned upon first opening in Firefox 2.0.
  • DataTable:
    • The “bodyOddRowStyle” has a priority over conditional row styles.
    • NullPointerException when the DataTable's “rendered” attribute is modified from other component's valueChangeListener.
    • Pagination button “go to last page” doesn't work in some cases.
  • HintLabel:
    • HintLabel is positioned incorrectly in Liferay 4.3.3 Portal.
    • HintLabel is rendered incorrectly in the HTML table in Opera and Liferay 4.2.2 Portal.
  • PopupLayer: Page can be scrolled endlessly if modal PopupLayer is shown in Mozilla.
  • DateChooser: Values in input field and in calendar are different in some cases.
  • DateChooser/DropDownField: Popup is misaligned in JBoss Portal and Opera 9.
  • TwoListSelection: ValueChangeListener is called when the empty list is submitted for the second time.
  • Compatibility with JBoss Portal Server: There is no teamdev.jsf.portlet.QuipuKitPortlet class in the quipukit.jar.
  • Validation: FloatingIconMessages are positioned incorrectly under Liferay Portal.

The new version of QuipuKit is available on the Download page.

For any questions or feedback related to QuipuKit, visit forum or e-mail us directly.


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