Radar Love: JavaFX Animation Examples by Sven

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Radar Love: JavaFX Animation Examples by Sven

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You may recall that I've featured some of Sven Drieling's work previously in this blog, for example in the JavaFX Animation - Some of Sven's Canvas Tricks post. Well, Sven has updated his animation examples and added to the collection to help us prepare for the JavaFX SDK. Here's a screenshot of Sven's AnimationRadar example, in which he animates an arc-shaped clip of an image to look like the sweep of a radar. Because it's an animation, the running program looks cooler than the static screenshot. :-)


In another example, Sven uses nested Timelines to progressively start three blocks animating. Here's a screenshot:


Take a look at the page in which Sven stashes his many animation examples, and try out the examples via Java Web Start links on that page while studying his great code.

Thanks Sven!
Jim Weaver


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