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Rails 3.1: Release Candidate Is Ready To Go

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At last week's Rails Conf, it was announced that the Rails 3.1 Release Candidate is ready to go, with 3 new features and a slew of improvements.

The 3 features:

The Asset Pipeline

Powered by Sprockets 2.0, the asset pipeline enables proper organization (including use in plugins and engines) for CSS and JavaScript. It also comes with SCSS as the default for stylesheets and CoffeeScript as the default for JavaScript.

For a full tour of this feature, have a look at the ‪David Heinemeier Hansson‬ keynote (58:00 total).

HTTP Streaming

This allows the browser to download your style sheet and javascripts while the server is creating the response. The result? Faster pages. Take a look at the Railscast on HTTP streaming for more on this feature.

jQuery Is The Default

jQuery is now the default JavaScript framework that comes with Rails, but those who prefer Prototype can switch back to that framework easily if need be.

Other features include:

Reversible migrations
Mountable engines
Identity map
Prepared statements

Click here for a complete changelog, or click here for a complete overview from RailsCast.








Rails 3.1: Release Candidate can be installed with with gem install rails --pre.  The final version should be available in a couple of weeks. 

[via RubyOnRails Blog]


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