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Ramaprasanna Chellamuthu, Microsoft Developer Evangelist India, Uncut & Unedited

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Ramaprasanna Chellamuthu, Microsoft Developer Evangelist India, Uncut & Unedited

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Hi there. I am back with one more episode of Uncut & Unedited. This is episode 17. I have a very interesting guest this time. In this episode I catch up with a good friend of mine Mr. Ramaprasanna Chellamuthu. He is a Developer Evangelist in Microsoft India, Bangalore.


I have known Ramaprasanna for over 2 years now. We met through BDotNet and interaction with him has always been fun. Although he is a Developer Evangelist working on Azure, Win7, Windows Phone and what not – but his passion for Robotics makes him even more interesting to talk to. He has made robots which can dance for Humma Humma song, cook noodles and clean house.

Here are the usual 5 questions that I asked him as part of the interview:

  • About himself – roles, responsibilities
  • About him being awarded Young Innovative Leader
  • About some of his innovations
  • About his GMotion pet project
  • His Robotics connection
  • His Community association

Here is the interview video:

Here are some of Ramaprasanna Innovations:

Buddy Home

Gmail Motion


Dancing with Skeleton

It was an absolute pleasure talking to Ramaprasanna. You can see the energy and enthusiasm Rama has with his always smiling face. This video was shot on Jan 20 2012. But I had some issues with my Internet connectivity at home. Finally resolved that and uploading this video.

Congratulation to Rama for being awarded as Innovative Leader in India. Kudos to you Rama. Keep up the good work and keep smiling :) .

As usual – Happy Coding guys. Code with Passion, Decode with Patience.

Source: http://www.kashyapas.com/2012/03/05/ramaprasanna-chellamuthu-developer-evangelist-microsoft-india-uncut-unedited/


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