Raspberry Pi Raspbian Cross Compiler Toolchains on 64-bit Linux

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Raspberry Pi Raspbian Cross Compiler Toolchains on 64-bit Linux

Here's a quick reference for those who need to setup Raspberry Pi tools on 64-bit Linux.

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A while back I setup Eclipse C++ on Ubuntu to cross compile some ARM Assembly (see here). Last time I set up the Raspberry Pi tools on Ubuntu I was using a 32 bit install. More recently, I installed a 64 bit version of Kubuntu, and so was retracing my steps to get set up again.

It might be obvious if you’re more familiar with gcc and cross compiler toolchains, but in the Raspberry Pi tools project there’s 32 bit and 64 bit versions of the tools. Trying to use the 32 bit versions on 64 bit Linux does not work. Rather than some useful error though, trying to execute any of the 32 bit versions from a shell gives a rather un-useful "No such file or directory" error.

Referring back to my original Eclipse C++ setup instructions, if you’re running Eclipse on 32 bit Linux then you want to point to the tools here:


Otherwise, point to the 64 bit version here:


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