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RavenDB 2.5 Features Explored and Demonstrated

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RavenDB 2.5 Features Explored and Demonstrated

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Here is the recording for our RavenDB 2.5 Webcast from Monday. You can start watching it right now, or you can continue reading about the timing snafu we had below.

Basically, we ran into a timing error because of daylight savings. Unlike the common error, where we forgot to account for daylight savings taking effect, here we forgot to take into account daylight saving not coming into effect.

For a lot of really strange reasons, daylight savings in Israel is a contentious issue, involving the cross roads of politics, religion and whole bunch of other stuff. As a result, until recently we didn’t have a fixed date for daylight savings changes. A few years ago, it changed, and that date was supposed to be last week. Then politics happened, and the date moved. We didn’t account for a lot of software still thinking that the daylight savings time was actually happening on time, and that meant that we actually had the webinar an hour early.

I apologize for the mistake, and hopefully you’ll still enjoy the recording.


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