RavenDB Embedded at Massive Scales

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RavenDB Embedded at Massive Scales

Perhaps one of RavenDB's lesser known specialties is for embedded development. Learn about the uses and challenges of deploying RavenDB in tens of thousands of locations.

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In this talk from the RavenDB conference, Rodrigo Rosauro is talking about deploying RavenDB at massive scale, to over 36,000 locations and a total number of machines that exceeds half a million.

One particular (and often forgotten) use-case for RavenDB is its usage as an embedded database. This operation mode allows application providers to abstract the complexity of database administration from their end-users while, at the same time, providing you a fully functional document store.

During this talk, we will explore the challenges faced while deploying RavenDB in a massive number of machines throughout the globe (aiming at hundreds of thousands), and how RavenDB improved the capabilities of our application.

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