Drawbacks of Working in Cloud Computing Environment

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Drawbacks of Working in Cloud Computing Environment

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Cloud computing is a concept where computing resources are stored on the Internet and not on hard drives of PCs or local servers. Users can store or access these services by logging into the cloud.

Many organizations are adopting cloud computing as money can be saved because expensive hardware and computers need not be purchased. Besides, investment is also reduced on normal software and other applications.

Despite all these advantages, cloud computing has its fair share of disadvantages.

We will go through a few of them here.

Cloud computing needs Internet connection all the time. If the connection is not running fast enough, work of an organization gets adversely impacted. In that scenario, you either require a backup or an alternative Internet connection.

Although cloud computing service providers may have safeguards in place, there is always a risk. Here, make sure you choose a dependable service provider.

If you opt for public cloud computing services, there is always a risk of compromising your privacy. This means you can store only that information which you can afford to share on the Internet.

In the case of private cloud, even if the security normally reliable and good, data security is not infallible. There is always a risk of hackers breaking into your system. Since the servers in the cloud are interconnected, hackers can enter into other linked systems if they manage to breach one.

Besides, cloud computing lets users log in from any location. This could lead to the privacy of the user being compromised. Of course, cloud service providers do make use of authentication procedures like user IDs and passwords.

Setting up a private cloud computing service on a modest scale is also expensive. If a particular organization has IT requirements that are industry-specific or intricate, then it is better to go in for a customized software rather than a normal cloud service.

When you begin using cloud computing services, initially it may seem that you are saving money. But in hindsight, you may realize that it was not true. Therefore, it is necessary to read the fine print while looking at costing details provided by all service providers. 

There is a possibility of data ownership becoming blurred in the cloud computing environment. At times, it could be the party that uploads and in other cases it might be the data storage provider.

When you choose a cloud computing provider, make sure that you can add or delete users of the cloud depending on your organization’s requirements.

Among other disadvantages could be restrictions for uploading data of a particular kind or customer support of certain service providers may not be totally reliable. These factors can affect your businesses deleteriously. 


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