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React 15 Released

Facebook's new version of the popular web framework includes several user-led improvements, bug fixes, and a new effort to be more transparent.

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Yesterday, Facebook's React team released the first stable version of React 15. One of the first updates announced was that the framework would no longer support IE8. Since Microsoft has been pushing users to adopt Edge , more and more people will be leaving IE8 sooner rather than later, either for Edge or IE9. React should still work on IE8, but fixes for that browser are not a priority going forward. There are also new improvements to how React interacts with the DOM, including improved SVG support, no more extra <span> nodes around text, and a new way of mounting components.

In particular, the removal of <span> nodes was attributed to a single user: Michael Wiencek. As a result of his impressive contribution, the release notes also made it clear the React team will be more transparent about their goals and thought processes going forward to attract similarly high-quality fixes from the community. 

To move this effort forward, the team will be  publishing the weekly React core team meeting notes, and a new changelog format was implemented in this announcement that they plan to follow going forward. There are several technical improvements, bug fixes, newly deprecated commands, and deprecated commands from React 0.14 that have now been removed.  Check out the full list at Facebook’s GitHub blog.

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