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Reading/writing GC-less memory

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How you access data can make a difference to the speed. Whether you use manual loop unrolling or let the JIT do it for you can also make a difference to performance.
I have included C++ and Java tests doing the same thing for comparison.


In each case, different approaches to storing 16 GB of data were compared.

In the following tests I compared storing data
  • allocating, writing to, reading from and total GC times
  • byte[] (smallest primitive) and long[] (largest primitive)
  • arrays, direct ByteBuffer and Unsafe
  • JIT optimised and hand unrolled four times

store type size unrolled allocate writing reading GC time
C++ char[] native 8-bit char no 31 μs 12.0 s 8.7 s N/A
C++ char[] native 8-bit char yes 5 μs 8.8 s 6.6 s N/A
C++ long long[] native 64-bit int no 11 μs 4.6 s 1.4 s N/A
C++ long long[] native 64-bit int yes 12 μs 4.2 s 1.2 s N/A
byte[] heap byte no 4.9 s 20.7/7.8 s 7.4 s 51 ms
byte[] heap byte yes 4.9 s 7.1 s 8.5 s 44 ms
long[] heap long no 4.7 s 1.6 s 1.5 s 37 ms
long[] heap long yes 4.7 s 1.5 s 1.4 s 45 ms
ByteBuffer direct byte no 4.8 s 18.1/10.0 s 14.0 s 6.1 ms
ByteBuffer direct byte yes 4.8 s 12.2/10.0 s 16.7 s 6.1 ms
ByteBuffer direct long no 4.7 s 6.0/3.9 s 2.4 s 6.1 ms
ByteBuffer direct long yes 4.6 s 4.7/2.3 s 7.9 s 6.1 ms
Unsafe direct byte no 10 μs 18.2 s 13.8 s 6.0 ms
Unsafe direct byte yes 10 μs 8.7 s 8.3 s 6.0 ms
Unsafe direct long no 10 μs 5.2 s 1.9 s 6.0 ms
Unsafe direct long yes 10 μs 4.2 s 1.3 s 6.0 ms

C++ test configuration

All tests were performed with gcc 4.5.2 on ubuntu 11.04, compiled with -O2

Java test configuration

All test were performed with Java 6 update 26 and Java 7 update 0, on a fast PC with 24 GB of memory. Timings are for 6/7. Where there one value they were the same.

All tests were run with the options -mx23g -XX:MaxDirectMemorySize=20g -verbosegc


For me the most curious result was the performance of the long[] which was very fast in Java, faster than using C++ or Unsafe directly.

The code

C++ tests - memorytest/main.cpp

Java tests - MemoryTest.java


From http://vanillajava.blogspot.com/2011/08/readingwriting-gc-less-memory.html


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