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ReadyRoll Adds Imperative SQL Server Projects to Visual Studio

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ReadyRoll Adds Imperative SQL Server Projects to Visual Studio

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ReadyRoll, creators of intuitive productivity tools for software developers, today announces the availability of ReadyRoll SQL Server Projects for Visual Studio.

ReadyRoll allows database professionals to leverage their existing schema modeling tools to create a repeatable and predictable process for deploying their databases. ReadyRoll provides the "missing link" between the developer's isolated development environment and other lifecycle environments (Test/Stg/Prod) through integrations with SQL Server and Visual Studio.

The ReadyRoll project system for Visual Studio allows developers to: 

  • Use SQL Management Studio to create and alter their databases for an "Online" editing experience 
  • Experiment with new changes in a safely isolated environment
  • Easily synchronize their private database server with Visual Studio to generate Transact-SQL migrations
  • Provide "hand-cut" migrations for complex changes, such as table-splits, column renames and data updates
  • Check their projects into source control via a third-party plugin (TFS, VisualSVN, VisualHG, etc)
  • Produce a single, deterministic T-SQL script from their project for effortless onward deployment to Test/Stg/Prod
  • Include the MSBuild-based projects in Continuous Integration as part of an enterprise ALM solution
"Teams facing the pressures of shorter release cycles may be justified in their concern about how the increased pace of change might be putting the organization's data assets at risk," said Daniel Nolan, Founder of ReadyRoll. "ReadyRoll answers this by bringing the creation of migrations forward within the development lifecycle, allowing for early inspection of all database changes. We believe that this imperative style of deployment, where each change is organized discretely in a simple, linear fashion, introduces flexibility and transparency to the process of building databases." 

ReadyRoll 1.0 is available immediately. To purchase or download a free 30-day trial, visit


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